Robin Thicke’s “Get Her Back” A sign of pure desperatness or a real sincere I’m sorry?

After viewing Robin Thicke’s latest video “Get her Back” off of his latest album  called “Paula”. I am very conflicted with the visuals in the video and what the lyrics of the song are saying to me. I get two different messages from Thicke and I’m quite sure that you will as well. In the video for “Get her Back”  it appears to be a creepy, stalkerish story with violent and suicidal habits that are disturbingly harassing an ex-lover that openly shows what once was private texts between Robin and Paula. Are now no longer private and is for all the viewers to see a breach of privacy of the downfall of Robin Thicke’s  beautiful and talented ex- wife. Creepy?? beyond creepy and that’s not the only thing that sent chills down my spine the fact that these texts are accompanied by alien shaped silhouettes in a what’s supposed to be a sweet, forgive me baby I’m sorry for all the wrong I did video just doesn’t come off that way by far. Now on the contrary, the song by itself comes off as a heartfelt, sweet, sincere love song where Robin is pleading to get Paula back. You can view Robin Thicke’s new single Paula on YouTube!

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